Koh Samui – Hotels, Resorts & Spa Destination For a Sense of Good Living

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Spending a nice vacation in peaceful hotels, resort or spa destination like Koh Samui is a dream of many people that wish it comes true one day. The island has became one of the world spa destination. Spa treatments and courses are now available in many resorts and hotels on Samui. If you are looking for pampering yourself in different types of spa treatments, look no further than Koh Samui.

Lots of resorts, hotels, and spa sanctuary are offering their signatures spa treatment. Six Senses Spa is one of them. This spa is a part of Six Senses Hideaway Samui which is located in Samrong Bay. The area is an unspoilt area on the north-east coast of the island. As the name suggested ‘Hideaway’ on the hotel’s title, Six Senses Spa is certainly very peaceful and secluded.

The ‘Secret La Stone’ spa treatment at Six Senses Spa combines the benefits of the sensuality of an essential oil massage with a hot stone treatment. This is performed by two therapists massaging gently at the same. It is really good feeling. Staying and pampering yourself nicely in this great hotel and its spa is a memorable experience.

Tamarind Springs is a real sanctuary of resort & spa world on Koh Samui. Here it has a very unique architectural style of spa formed by nature. All big stones or rocks are kept in the way they are as possible, but have created very amazing spa treatment atmosphere.

All courses of the Classic Tamarind Spa start at the steam and dip pool with great unique natural made embraced them. You can soak yourself in the pool and go to steam as long as you like for hours before going for the treatment that you have chosen. ‘Stoned on Samui’ is a 4 hours treatment spa that you can enjoy about 1.5 hours in the steam cave and plunge pool followed by 1.5 hour stone massage, plus 1 hour massage of your choice (foot, head or facial).

Apart from offering such amazing spa service, Tamarind Springs is not just like other spa in hotels or resorts. Here, ‘Holistic Therapeutic Treatment’ is available for any guests with particular health problems. Tamarind Springs offer therapeutic treatments tailor-made to your individual needs and requirements. Such treatments may sometimes combine several of the difference applications, such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and osteopathy.

What mentioned above are very tiny examples of how you can stay healthy and pamper yourself while living in hotels or any types of shelter on Samui. Much more of spa services are await for you here on this lovely island. Grab your passport and reward yourself with one of the world best spa destination service. It is just like heaven on earth here in Koh Samui.

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How to Research Your Favorite Hotel, Resort Or Vacation Destination

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The internet is a wonderful place to research your favorite hotel, resort or vacation destination. In fact, because of this easy-to-access information hotels and tourist attractions alike are having to pay extra special attention to their customers. They’re now also forced to make sure their hotel rooms, park trails, and restaurant floors are especially clean. There are just too many ways for the common person to make his opinion known.

Let’s start with the easiest place to do research…TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor has millions of reviews on everything. In fact, when you search for a hotel on Yahoo, TripAdvisor is who pops up after you’ve selected the hotel you’re interested in. And beyond the reviews, people have profile’s on TripAdvisor that you can access and actually ask questions about the person’s experience or review. It’s probably the most commonly used site to do vacation research.

Now for a bit more obscure but often more helpful…Flickr. Flickr is a photo sharing site where millions of people have posted their vacation and travel photos. If you’re headed to Jamaica and aren’t sure which of their waterfalls you want to visit, search Flickr for the name of that waterfall. You’ll likely find tons of photos from the place and will really be able to tell if the waterfall is just a trickle down the side of a hill, or a beautiful gusher off the side of a mountain.

Finally, Facebook is another great place to look. There are lots of groups on Facebook where people talk about their experiences. The group My Favorite Place To Take Kids On Vacation Is…has great postings about places I’d never heard of before. For instance the Strong Museum in New York is a museum that celebrates “play”. They have toys, games and lots of hands-on exhibits. They even have a Mr. Potato Head exhibit with a life-size Mr. Potato Head. Groups like this are awesome for finding new places you’ve never heard of and to ask others what their experiences have been like.

Atlantis Dubai – One of the World’s Finest Hotel Resorts

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The Atlantis is one of the top Dubai hotels/resorts, located on the crescent of the remarkable artificial island of The Plam Jumeirah. Opened in September 2008, the Atlantis Dubai has quickly become one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. This article explores this remarkable hotel-cum-resort.

The Atlantis was a mythical Greek city described by Plato thousands of years ago. It was supposed to have been lost in the sea after an earthquake. The Atlantis Dubai evokes the myth of this mythical city and creates something that is, well, truly mythical.

The Atlantis Dubai is located at the crescent of The Palm Jumeirah. This man-made island off the coast of Dubai is shaped like a palm tree, and is one of the wonders of the modern world. With 1,539 rooms, the Atlantis is among the largest hotels in the world, providing ample room for hundreds of families.

More than just a hotel, the Atlantis is a full resort providing world class entertainment to its residents. There are amusement park rides for kids, water slides and water sports for everyone, over 17 hectares of water themed amusement, large pools (both fresh, and salt-water) and lagoons, restaurants that cater to almost every taste on the planet, a marine habitat with dolphins and other sea creatures, a long, extensive beach, a host of shopping options, nightclubs, exclusive Michelin starred restaurants, Spas, massage centers, and much, much more.

Whew! That description can surely take anyone’s breath away! In other words: no matter your age or budget, you will find a ton of ways to have fun at the Atlantis Dubai.

The Importance of Blogs for Hotels, Resorts and Destinations

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Blogging has gone from a cool idea to a very useful and important Marketing Tool; it’s probably the fastest growing communication tool in today’s social networking world. Starting a blog can help your Hotel, Resort or Destination accomplish two very important things: Search Visibility and Followers. If you are serious about succeeding on line, start a blog!

Blogs are the foundation of well-planned online marketing campaigns. It collects information and distributes content to other networks. It’s very powerful in the Social Networking World. Very few people care about who the blogger is. Readers care more about the content, the solutions, ideas and experiences they find while reading them.

As a Hotel, Resort or Destination you should involve a wide range of employees in the blogging process. This group of people will share different points of view from different areas of your hotel or your location. The more content, the more pages and the more pages, the more likely that Search Engines will land on your blog.

Most blog traffic comes from first-time readers. This is a great opportunity for your Hotel, Resort or Destination to turn a new follower into a long-term follower! Every page in your blog should have it’s own personality and should be treated as a ‘Home Page’. Always offer options for people to return and follow you.

If you doubt the value of blogs, just add up the amount of clicks and the cost associated with them in a ‘Pay-Per-Click campaign’ to engage a new follower.

It’s a smart idea to have a blogging plan. Just like a magazine, you need an editorial calendar to give structure to your content mix and provide consistency for your readers.

A blogging editorial calendar can be done in a multiple of different ways, just make one. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with; an excel sheet, a scheduling tool, a piece of paper, an agenda or any method that you and your team can follow.

Your blog should be divided into sections and topics. Your editorial calendar should also have the same divisions. Include information and detail as needed that will get you and your team writing.

Make time for interviews and research and include them in your editorial calendar. Don’t be late; your blog needs to be consistent and on time. Make sure everyone is available for the interview. It’s also important to know before hand the topics that are going to be discussed.

If you create an editorial calendar at least two months in advance, you will have enough time for changes as well as to take care of unscheduled issues. Set goals and deadlines for you and your team, everyone has to be synchronized and working on time.

Brainstorming is a very important part of blogging. The content has to be interesting; there has to be a mix in what you want and need to include. A Hotel cannot only blog about it rooms and restaurants it also needs to blog about the Destination, How to get there, special events happening in the community. The destination should also blog about the Hotels, their achievements, etc.

It’s important to establish the frequency of each content type. A Resort might want to interview one staff member per week, but maybe a Destination wants to make a case study of a Resort once a month.

Your editorial calendar should include titles for each day, at least for the next 30 days. Remember that last minute deals happen, breaking news takes place or certain stories that needs to be published as they happen; also leave space in your calendar for specials. Remember to be flexible and let your calendar be flexible as well.

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Twitter for Hotels, Resorts and Destinations

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Is there a real marketing opportunity for hotels, resorts and destinations in using Twitter? Twitter is social, so an individual has the option of following you or not. The interest to follow you will change from individual to individual. One might be interested in current information, while another one is planning a trip and a third individual is just looking for ideas. Expectations of what to find are probably very broad and the difference between individuals is even broader.

At the same time the reason why a hotel, a resort or a destination tweets, may vary too. Some may want to post news, others to post promotions and deals; some will use it as a Customer Service Center and others as a Cyber Concierge. In the end, Twitter is a communication channel for hotels, resorts and destinations. As the case with email, hotels, resorts and destinations have to be careful and not fall into the perception of individuals thinking your message is spam and un-follow your organization as a result.

Twitter is about sharing information. Quality, quantity, frequency and style are very important. Quality information is key to the success of your Twitter account. Add links, but be diverse. Do not only link to your own website and if possible measure the quality of your tweets by the number of clicks on the links. Quantity is important, but do not post one tweet after another. Space yourself, remember that you can schedule your tweets and create habits on the individuals following you. Your style needs to be personal, conversational and authentic.

Twitter is personal. Posting General Information is not the way to go; create personal connections and the communication becomes a lot more meaningful. Use your Twitter Network to take suggestions, make comments and engage individuals. There are millions of people using Twitter; you need to work as hard at your network as other people. Your hotel, resort or destination Twitter network has to include diversity, providing information and support for travelers and potential travelers. So build your network and start engaging individuals. Use re-tweets as an information tool and use the search option to find people interested in your destination, your resort or your hotel.

Tweet if:

You are interested in driving more traffic to your website; Google indexes Twitter feeds.
You like to plan; remember Twitter is social but at the end of the day it is a Marketing Tool for your hotel, resort or destination, so plan ahead your Twitter editorial schedule and link it to planned events, promotions, last minute deals, seasons, entertainment, celebrities, public relations, etc.
You are consistent; your Twitter account is another integral part of your brand. Have your logo visible, your complete website address, use your brand graphics as background. Build your brand.
You can dedicate and schedule yourself; tweet at different times throughout the day, remember you can schedule your tweets, and make sure you tweet at times of the day that are relevant to your followers.
You are willing to follow competitors and your followers; it’s the best way to find out what your competitors are doing and what your followers are looking for.
You want to engage with the individuals that are following you; don’t be a broadcaster, leave that to newspapers, magazines and journalists. Be pro-active and provide rich and engaging content.
You are willing to have fun; show your inner-self.

It is very important to take into consideration the following points:

It’s good practice and a must for hotels, resorts and destinations to use the auto-welcome tool. It shows you care.
Tweet using targeted keywords.
Use pictures and website URL’s.
Learn about Twitter etiquette.

Resort Creative Solutions helps hotel & resort developers and travel destinations retool under-performing marketing programs to accelerate sales performance. We build brands. We make relationships. And emotionally connect them in engaging, entertaining and interactive ways. It’s quite simple and profitable.

Whats New With Boutique Hotel Resort Trends

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Boutique hotel resort trends have seen major changes recently due to the increasing booking demand. This is due to the fact that more and more people of late are opting for these hotels due to the personalized service offered by them. After all, when they are paying money, they feel good when they are pampered on their holidays or business trips. Boutique hotel resort trends have therefore seen a constant upward swing.

Chain hotels are still in demand. Albeit, trendy boutique hotel resorts are in vogue. So what’s the latest in boutique hotel resort trends? Well it’s a mixture of old and new. The hotel tries to tailor to every conceivable taste. Modern technology and a trip down memory lane.

The versatility of boutique hotels is another big element to their success. Boutique hotel resort trends have as their backbone, the ability to offer the customer little comforting products and services that appeal to the “spoil me” side in all of us.

The customized products and hotel atmosphere contributes to the exemplary standards that drive boutique hotel resort trends. What also establishes the hotels theme, is the surrounding locations.

If the hotel is situated in a busy urban location it can be assured of good business clubbed with quality service. Alternately, if it is located in a tourist spot which sees a lot of traffic there is a good chance of success again as seen in he boutique hotel resort trends.

After looking at boutique hotel resort trends it is apparent that being located in the hub of a city is very good for business. The modern traveler is keen to see the city and relax in the comfort of the boutique as well.

Another factor which plays a major role in the success of a boutique hotel according to boutique hotel resort trends is whether the location is attractive enough to obtain traffic during off seasons too. It is important to choose a location attracting maximum traffic most parts of the year, thereby ensuring maximum occupancy throughout the year.

So what else shows up in boutique hotel resort trends? Well, if the boutique offers individualized treatments and products for men and women, they create a lot of business for themselves. Maintaining the customers satisfaction is the key element here.

Boutique hotel resort trends also make it mandatory to market the service effectively. Doing this could be an important key to success. Important factors in this aspect are to see that the hotel gains maximum visibility through advertisements. One can even go in for affordable means of advertising but this has to be streamlined in the right direction to see that it is visible among targeted customers. Of course, keeping in tune with boutique hotel resort trends and making positive and progressive changes from time to time also plays a major role in the success of a boutique hotel.

Resort and Cheap Hotel

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Travelers come to Pangkor for all the things that it lacks, crowds, traffic, and noise. When it comes to lodging in Pangkor, you will find that the island is really up to date. There are accommodations for every budget, and sure to satisfy your needs during your vacation.

Pangkor specializes on romantic places to stay offering quiet private accommodations with stunning views sure to spark romance if you are traveling with someone special. Pangkor is also very family friendly, and there are plenty of accommodations that are kid friendly. Ok, enough talk, let’s find your perfect accommodation in PangkorIsland-Hotel. Happy Exploring!!

It’s Malaysia travel information about Pangkor Island one of the country Island unspoiled, still uncrowded beaches and islands,great Malaysia hotel,resorts and chalet.

Our family fell in love with the people, with this entire perfect little island. We taste at some yummy restaurants and we slept at comfortable chalet on Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah beach…Pangkor Island Vacation.Lulled to sleep by ocean waves every night. And my family? Well,we fell in loved with the beach . Pangkor Island beaches have so much to offer everyone… warmth, sunshine, peace,soft, white sand and golden when sunset.

laze in a beach chair. So what was our favorite of all the Pangkor Island beaches,hotel,chalet or place of attraction? They all were! You see, every beach in Pangkor Island is different, each with its own qualities that makes it special.How about Hotel,Resort and Chalet or many attraction places? How about historical places such as Dutch Fort or Dutch Tomb.

How to Book a Room in a Luxury Hotel Resort

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In the old days, most towns had at least one travel agent on the main street that could help you book everything from a bus ticket to a cruise, but those days are long gone. Now, the booking is completely up to you and if you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up paying a lot more than the people in the next room or the next seat.

Finding a luxury hotel resort that is affordable has long been a challenge for many people. If you try to book directly through the resort, you will end up paying the highest price possible. There are some online travel agents that will help you compare prices, but they usually don’t offer very good deals on a luxury hotel resort vacation.

The best place to book rooms in a luxury hotel resort, no matter where in the world it is located, is usually by joining a membership organization. When you do this, you aren’t buying into a timeshare at all, but you are gaining all the advantages of these luxurious accommodations. What happens is that the timeshare companies who have plenty of rooms to fill sell them to membership companies at a discount in order to get people in the rooms. This means that you and your family will get the vacation of a lifetime for a song.

With most of these membership companies, there are no blackout dates, no maintenance fees (like you would find with timeshares), and you also get VIP access to some of the peak weeks throughout the year. Whether you want to stay in a resort in the mountains, in the desert, on the beach, or in a big city, you will find that this is the best and most affordable way to book your luxury travel.

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What to Look for in a Luxury Hotel Resort

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Planning your next vacation can be almost as much fun as actually going on your trip, and this is even more true if you plan to stay at a luxury hotel resort. You can spend hours upon hours ogling the incredible photos that hotel websites have on display. Each hotel seems to offer a different ambiance that can really set the mood for your getaway, and this can run the gamut from historically elegant and traditional to retro chic and even ultra-modern. While it is easy to get lost in the website photos and spend hours dreaming about all of the possibilities for your vacation, you also want to approach selecting your destination from a more realistic perspective, too.

There are some things you should consider when searching for a luxury hotel resort. First, consider the amenities available to you on-site such as dining options, swimming pools, spas, golf courses, water sports activities, and more. Also consider how you plan to spend your time on your vacation. In most cases, you likely will not be spending your entire vacation at the resort, but instead will want to get out and about to see the local sights. You may want to choose a hotel that offers proximity to local attractions, nightlife, outdoor recreation, and more. It may be a benefit to many travelers to have an on-site tour desk or tour pick-up available as well.

Each of these features can really make or break how enjoyable your getaway is. You certainly will enjoy the incredible ambiance and beautiful décor of any luxury hotel resort that you choose, but having on-site amenities as well as easy access to off-site activities and attractions are equally important. You may have fun for a day or two at a resort that has pretty guest rooms and great scenery, but for a truly memorable experience, you will want to keep these tips in mind as you select your accommodations.


Enjoy Your Holidays at a Samui Hotel Resort

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Koh Samui in Thailand is one of those locations on the face of earth that remains intact despite the intervention of human beings. With eco-tourism gaining popularity in the tourist circuits, no wonder Samui features prominently in the world tourist map. Vacationing at a Samui hotel resort could bring in unbounded pleasure and unparalleled excitement. Find listed here some of the best Samui hotel resorts.

1. Baan Taling Ngam Resort & Spa, Taling Ngam: This 5-star resort set amidst lush green tropical jungles, towering limestone cliffs, white sand beach and aquamarine ocean is a treat to the senses. Matching facilities and service offered by the resort make it highly popular among tourists.

2. Centara Grand Beach Resort, Chaweng: One of the most popular 5-star resorts located on one of the most popular beaches of Koh Samui – this describes Centara Grand. Close enough to airport, pier and other shopping centers, yet far away from the maddening crowds – Centara Grand has got it right for its guests.

3. La Paradise Boutique Resort & Spa, Chaweng: The resort is a perfect mix of the old and the new. It has managed to retain the old-world feel without inconveniencing its guests. Without taking away the antique effect, the resort manages to provide all the modern facilities and amenities sought by today’s tourists. Its setting amidst tropical gardens adds to its charm.

4. Melati Beach Resort, Bophut: Located on one of the not-so-popular beaches of Samui, Melati Beach Resort is the perfect haven for seclusion-seeking tourists. The impeccable service provided to guests is worth mentioning.

5. Muang Samui Spa Resort, Chaweng: Barely a 10-minute drive from the airport will take you to the resort, though it doesn’t feel congested or mobbed. The resort guests get to enjoy the famous Chaweng beach without getting hustled and jammed.

A Samui hotel resort can enhance your holiday experience with its picturesque setting, modern facilities and superior service.

Paisit Kapilakan owns and operates the website My Samui Holiday that provides more than just information and reservation for hotels in Koh Samui. My Samui Holiday offers a comprehensive travel guide to Samui, Thailand and the best discount for hotel reservations in Samui. For more information on Samui hotel resort, visit http://www.mysamuiholiday.com and avail the fabulous offers.

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